Stash Brothers Story: Founded by two brothers with a shared passion for all things cannabis, The Stash Brothers have grown to a family of passionate industry professionals, including growers, and artisans aimed at providing Oregon with top tier organically grown cannabis products. We believe in a set of core tenants -- consistency, transparency, environmental sustainability, and above all quality.

Brands: With each of our specialist spearheading their own niches, our range of products has been seperated into three in-house brands all producing high quality cannabis products under The Stash Brothers flag.

Stash Gardens: Cultivated in the unique micro-climate of Southern Oregon, our gardens location lends itself to growing some of the best cannabis in the country. Our conscious cultivation methods include feeding with organic compost teas and amendments to grow our flowers. Stash Brothers flowers are grown to the highest standards implementing renewable and sustainable permaculture. Stash Brothers products always come delivered in nitrogen-sealed bags for freshness

Stash Labs: The Stash Brothers produce state-of-the-art concentrates and extracts 
by utilizing cutting-edge techniques and equipment -- resulting in the some of the finest cannabis concentrates on the market with a specialty in hydrocarbon, solvent free, and solventless extractions. Our extracts and concentrates are made from 100% organic Stash Brothers - grown flowers/buds, and stand alone in their purity, flavor, aroma and effects when compared to anything else.

Stash Stix: is one of the highest quality vape pens on the market. Each glass and stainless steel cartridge is pre filled with 100% pure Terpene or Raw solvent free resin. We implement glass and steel cartridges to provide the best possible flavor and effect for consumers. Available in .Sg and lg sizing. No cutting agents (PG, VG, ECT.) used in production of Stash Stix.

Labels: Stash Brothers products are tiered into a label system based on production method, cannabinoid/terpene levels, & lab testing. All products are lab tested by OG Analytical located in Eugene, OR. To request sample lab results please contact

------------------- -           Top tier flowers and extracts - our staple line. 

------------------- -           Connoisseur grade products - elevated cannabiniod/terpene levels.

------------------- -           Special reserve products - small batch limited quanitities.