Lineage: a phenotype of OG Kush, rumored to be originate in Afghanistan-Pakistan region, others say ghost OG comes from Florida from a triangle Kush mother.

Terp profile: many layers of flavor yeild Unique tones not commonly found in cured cannabis extracts. Cheesy and floral and citrus (lemon) and pine from its OG genetics

High: potent yet invasive with verybalanced body and cerebral effects, it can sneak up on you and fully hit you 10-20 mins after use

Relieves: Pain management, anxiety depression and insomnia

Consistency: great in wax chip form or shatter the ghost OG makes an extract unmatched in color, flavor, and effect and can provide much relief for patients as well as great recreational applications

Processed at sub zero temperatures while the flowers are as fresh as possible results in higher terpene and cannabis levels.